JK907 Series Rolling Rod Type Gas-fired Furnace Heat-treatment Line

JK907 系列辊棒式燃气炉生产线

JK907  系列辊棒式燃气炉生产线
JK907 Series Rolling Rod Type Gas-fired Furnace Heat-treatment Line


简介  Brief Introduction

a. 发明专利: 201210329664.3《一种辊棒式燃气淬火炉生产工艺》;
b. 实用新型专利:ZL2012 2 0455218.2《一种辊棒式燃气淬火炉生产线》;
c. 实用新型专利:ZL2012 2 0455216.3《压淬式淬火槽》。

The Line for quenching and tempering track shoes is the newest one developed by our Company and takes the leading position in China
Our Company has following patents:
a. Invention Patent: 201210329664.3《A technological Process for rolling rod type gas-fired hardening furnace》;
b. Utility Model Patent: ZL2012 2 0455218.2《A rolling rod type gas-fired hardening furnace heat treatment line》;
c. Utility Model Patent: ZL 2012 2 0455216.3《A press quenching type quenching tank》.

Energy supply: Natural gas


Applications: The line is mainly applicable to the press hardening of the track shoes and steel plates of engineering machines and is an ideal heat treatment line for quenching and tempering track shoes and steel plates.


Features: Natural gas heating and the special dissipate heat system inside furnace are adopted to realize full burning, uniform furnace temperature, more than 40% energy-saving than electric furnace, clean and environmental protection, higher working efficiency.   

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