Suzhou Jin Kai Technology Co., Ltd. is a National Committee of industrial electric heating equipment standardization technical committee member units, heat treatment equipment research, development, production, sales and integration of manufacturing enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province, is by the first import substitution of R & D and production of domestic electric furnace technology professionals, has accumulated more than 20 years electric furnace production experience, introduced in recent years, development of a number of high efficiency, low energy, clean and environmentally friendly new heat treatment production line equipment, in good faith for the domestic heat treatment industry.

Recommend a new generation of roller hearth type gas quenching furnace line for you

JK906B roller type gas quenching furnace production line

Quenching and tempering heat treatment parts: batch processing technology is suitable for all kinds of steel pipe, oil pipe.

Product features: the roller hearth furnace is mainly used for gas quenching and tempering heat treatment process pipe, bar, using natural gas heating, energy saving, clean and environmental protection. At


The production of JK906B roller hearth type gas quenching furnace line

 Main Specifications and Parameters

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